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an auto-hypnosis meditation of materials from
Arnold Schönberg, Karen Barad, Werner Herzog

Directed by: Anders Paulin
Concept and script: Anders Paulin
Sound and composition: Anders Paulin, Øystein Elle

In the moment of the first one doubting.
When uttering the first word became necessary
the transcendent quality of nothingness
a silent thought.
We are vessels.
There is Schönbergs opera.
The story of Moses and Aaron
we continuously produce without aim.
Sounds and soundmachines.
Creating conditions for the possibility
of nonexistence.
We are still, we listen,
then we move, leave
that of which we don´t know for sure
if it has been left or if it
has never been touched.
Has it existed or never will?
Drawing on our desire to be and become.
The constant crisis of being.
Living up to the wonder of our painful
wondering resolving through limiting
our thoughts and giving purpose to
our doing, knowing this means never to reach
the promised land
of understanding.

In collaboration with graduating students from Norwegian Theatre Academy:
Felipe Osorio-Guzmán
Klara Krämer
Maria Wang Kvalheim
Ragnhild Følling-Volden
Durga Bishwokarma
Erik Fiksdal Røger
Kaja Mærk Egeberg
Karoline Clasen Holland
Mari Pitkänen
Moa Meinich
Rasmus Stenager Jensen