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Camp X, Copenhagen 2009

The venue looks like a cinema, only without a film. The inner home cinema gets started. It is a sampling of stories, but told a decisively peaceful manner—solemn, but pleasurable—that submerges its audience in a position of serene listening. To be allowed to listen in peace: that's something you don't experience everyday in Danish theater.

There is in "Le Mépris" a critique of our most basic ways of thinking and making stories today. And thus also a newborn culture struggle, that wants to remind us that there also exists a world that is bigger than our oh so thoroughly advertised life.

You get nicely captured by "Le Mépris" - in the struggle between two worlds: the individual and that of the myth. We are doubly bathed in light and dark by Anders Paulin. Simultaneously enlightened and mystified. A performance to which you have to take a stand.
5 stars of 6

The tone of the performance is tranquil and inviting. It is sympathetic that Paulin transparently communicates his esthetic and ethic references to a theme, in an open invitation to the audience to participate with their own interpretation. There is nothing more to understand than what you see and make up. Just like we create images in our interaction with everyday reality, Anders Paulin and the ensemble let us meet Le Mépris as a piece of intensified life
Theresa Benér, Teaterkritik

The project was a staged re-make of Le Mèpris, Godard´s filmatization of the novel by Alberto Moravia.
By sharing the task of the film - how to tell the Odyssey? what artistic representation do we have available to imagine that what begins where humanity ends? - the project was conceived as a discourse on the possibility of different media to build functioning encounters with the Other. copy 2.jpg copy 2.jpgökMonolit copy.jpg copy.jpg