StarFish - An Agit Prop Revival, 2010-11
in co-operation with Tor Lindstrand

4 Actors + 16 Extras + 6 Choirs + 6 Cities
400 participants looking for the ghosts of Halland

In Lorca's dramatic poem The Shadows, a number of post-existences are stuck in a vaguely described post-place. No longer who they where, and still not yet what they will become. A collective of non-identities, conversating on issues like the right taste of tea and the phenomenon of reumatism combined with the absence of legs.

In Spectres of Marx, french philosopher Jacques Derrida draws a thorough sketch on the relation between identity and ghosts: the border drawn in any shaping of identity - individual or group category - always constitutes the creation of ghosts; those who do not fit on the inside of the border being drawn. Those who can not exist as "us" since we occupy the position of "us", and who will always come back.

StarFish is a traveling laboratory, with 4 actors, 16 extras and 64 amateur choral singers, investigating our relation to any given threshold and looking for whatever kind of ghosts in 6 cities around the region of Halland. Before the journey is over, we will have been 400 citizens participating in this investigation of the nature of spectral justice.

Participants: Henrik Danielsson, Sonja Lund, Malin Svarfvar/Maria Ericson, Petter Heldt. Kajsa, John, Monica, Rolf, Carlos, Mathilda, Monica, Emil, Margareta, Ninna, Tony, Andreas, Dren, Ylka, Birgitta, Gertrud. Six Local Choirs