The publication Twin Figure of Mimesis is a scripted journey through the landscape of performative mimetics. Written as a double bill, where a collection of essays meets a scripted version of a performative work, the book aims to discuss and problematize a platonic paradigm in performing arts, organising the world in truth and false, original and copy. Opposed to this, the texts address various alternative concepts of mimesis. Not the double as a more or less authentic copy of an original - only validated in its relation to a master signifier - but the double/figure/image as alterity; an autonomous “thing” existing in the world on its own premises.

Suggesting this as the foundation for a new set of objectives, devoted to the production of alterity rather than of identity and identification, the essays reflect what would be a relevant tropology, apparatus and set of tools.

The essays are written in dialogue with, and responded by, Goran Sergej Pristas, Bojana Cvejic, Benamin Noys and Peggy Phelan.